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The Quiet Earth is a high-fantasy campaign which hides itself in the trappings of low fantasy. The primary themes of the campaign involve the villainy of the Devil-God Mammon and its seemingly-unbreakable, long-drawn plots for dominion.

The campaign focuses upon Arthur Gideon, a mage of considerable guile, and the tragic course of his efforts to destroy Mammon, a being of unknown origin, who has preyed upon the vanities and greed of mankind to stand as the undisputed Lord of All. Gideon’s flawed campaigns forge him into as much a villain as hero, earning him the name of Machen, The Maker, ultimately seen by many as thee instrument of Mammon’s origins.

The campaign paints a broad canvas dealing with themes such as the cyclical nature of existence, the futility of time, and the nature of death and rebirth.

And there’s lotsa orcs and an undead kid named Spoony!

Home Page

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